Should you join the Marine Corps League?

If you are a Marine, the answer is, “Yes!” Come join The Few, The Proud

The Dupage County Marines

The Marine Corps League is a federally chartered, veteran’s organization of Marines and FMF Corpsman. The League aims to perpetuate the traditions and spirit of the Marine Corps through association with Marines who have served under the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. This means that, regardless of rank held or when or where they may have served, that any Marine or FMF Corpsman, male or female, is welcome in the Marine Corps League. A common trait of League members is the Spirit of Semper Fidelis: “Always Faithful” to God, country, home, Corps and to their fellow Marines. So deeply is this ingrained in our members, that long after they have hung up their uniforms, they still call each other “Marine.” Each seems to hold the League slogan as a personal truth: “Once a Marine—Always a Marine.”

Full League Membership Entitlements

  • DuPage County Marines Newsletter
  • Membership card
  • Subscription to the Semper Fi Magazine
  • MCL lapel pin
  • Participation in League affairs
  • Vote at the national conventions
  • Representation in legislative matters
  • Unique “gung-ho” merchandise

The DuPage County Detachment of the Marine Corps League was chartered in 1977. We are one of the largest Detachments in the State of Illinois and invite active and honorably discharged Marines and FMF Corpsman to join in making our Detachment the finest in the country.

Our fund-raising activities and membership dues provide the monetary means by which we accomplish the service and social missions of our detachment.

As the DuPage County Marines, we have many service and social activities throughout the year. Visits to Hines V.A. Hospital include a special Christmas visit with gifts of clothing and comfort items which are not supplied by the hospital. We hold an annual Valentine’s Day party for veterans and other residents at the DuPage County Convalescent Center. Our members participate in the Christmas “Toys for Tots” program by picking up and delivering thousands of toys each year for children in DuPage County communities. Our award winning color guard and parade detail participate in numerous parades, memorial services, flag raising ceremonies and burial details during the year.

Each year our scholarship committee awards scholarships to our members who are attending school or their family members. Our Detachment has an annual family picnic for members, their families and friends of the Detachment. An annual highlight is attendance at a Marine Corps Ball to celebrate the November 10th birthday of our Corps.